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    Ghost Noise, documentary portrait of Inuit artist Shuvinai Ashoona, by Marcia Connolly, MFA 2010
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    Krivina, experimental feature by writer/director Igor Drljaca, MFA 2012
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    The Seventh Day, fiction short by director Rafal Sokolowsky, MFA 2011, script by Tudor Voican, MFA 2009
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    Nocturne, experimental short by Kyath Battie, MFA 2011
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    Softening, experimental documentary by Kelly O’Brien, MFA 2013
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    Refraction Series, experimental film by Chris Gehman, MFA 2011

Graduate Program in Film

York University’s Graduate Program in Film/Cinema and Media Studies is recognized internationally as Canada’s most innovative and dynamic film program, providing students with a unique integration of film studies, hands-on skills, critical theory and state-of-the-art production resources and pedagogy. Situated in a celebrated school of fine arts that includes departments of dance, theatre, design, visual arts, digital media and music, our graduate film programs actively facilitate cross-disciplinary collaborations and research through shared courses, joint creation initiatives and a dynamic yearlong program of public lectures and events.


Our faculty of award-winning filmmakers, theorists, screenwriters, curators, film historians and new media artists teach courses across a wide range of disciplines and methodologies, with particular specializations in new narrative, social change media, national cinemas, documentary, and transmedia platforms. Faculty maintain active careers as thinkers and makers internationally, and are recognized as leaders in Toronto’s dynamic cultural communities, serving on the boards of such organizations as Pleasure Dome, Vtape, the Toronto Arts Council, CFMDC, ; founding, contributing to and editing the film journals Public and CineAction!; and premiering their films and new media works at such international festivals as TIFF, Berlin, Sundance, Hot Docs and Images.


Research is expansively defined, encouraging productive hybrids of critical study, curation and production. A year-round program of public lectures, conferences and events at York and in downtown venues include: Depth of Field (screenings and panels highlighting grad and alumni productions); Grad Symposiums presenting MA, MFA and Phd research projects; the Summer Institute, an intensive program featuring visiting scholars; and the Peter Morris Memorial Lecture. Internships with film and arts organizations provide training in curation, production and preservation; in addition, students gain invaluable teaching and research experience as TA’s and GA’s.

Our film department’s dedicated research labs include:

  • Sensorium, a new media collaborative venture with the fine arts faculty, exploring cross-platform experiments in new technologies;
  • Future Cinema Lab, a thinktank/production studio exploring the expressive potential of new screen and camera technologies, including GPS and locative story-telling, fog screens, 360 degree ladybug cameras, and augmented reality;
  • 3-D Flic, a production/studies research project which explores the expressive and social implications of 3-D visual culture;
  • Open Media Lab, featuring symposium, guest speakers and presentations, the lab provides an informal venue for doctoral students and faculty to explore the rich interface between research and creation.


York’s MFA thesis films, installations and new media works embrace a diverse spectrum of documentary, experimental, activist and fictional idioms, and have won prizes at such festivals as TIFF, Hot Docs, Inside Out, Sundance and Images. Our equipment and production resources include:

  • 3 Red Camera packages;
  • a full spectrum of HD, DSLR, digital and 16mm Arri and Bolex cameras;
  • lighting and grip equipment for every scale and style of production;
  • 3 production studios with lighting grids;
  • 2 HDcam online/colour grading suites;
  • 2 stereo mixing theatres and foley recording studio;
  • dedicated Avid, Final Cut and Pro Tools edit suites for grad students.

In-kind grants from downtown industry partners provide state-of-the-art access to equipment, lab services and colour grading services. Production courses are augmented by intensive technical and creative workshops in production and post-production methods and issues.


York’s Graduate Program in Film offers degrees in Cinema and Media Studies (MA and PhD), Production (MFA), Screenwriting (MFA), and the joint MBA/MFA & MBA/MA degrees with the Schulich School of Business.

Updated on October 3rd, 2014.