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Research is expansively defined, encouraging productive hybrids of critical study, curation and production. A year-round program of public lectures, conferences and events at York and in downtown venues include: Depth of Field (screenings and panels highlighting grad and alumni productions); Grad Symposiums presenting MA, MFA and Phd research projects; the Summer Institute, an intensive program featuring visiting scholars; and the Peter Morris Memorial Lecture. Internships with film and arts organizations provide training in curation, production and preservation; in addition, students gain invaluable teaching and research experience as TA’s and GA’s.

Our film department’s dedicated research labs include:

  • Sensorium, a new media collaborative venture with the fine arts faculty, exploring cross-platform experiments in new technologies;
  • Future Cinema Lab, a think tank/production studio exploring the expressive potential of new screen and camera technologies, including GPS and locative story-telling, fog screens, 360 degree ladybug cameras, and augmented reality;
  • 3-D Flic, a production/studies research project which explores the expressive and social implications of 3-D visual culture;
  • Open Media Lab, featuring symposium, guest speakers and presentations, the lab provides an informal venue for doctoral students and faculty to explore the rich interface between research and creation.

Research at York

York University is a leading research innovator in Canada. Working across disciplines and with global partners, we develop ideas and connect with policymakers and practitioners to create meaningful change and a more globally competitive Canada.

image with York Research in white on a red backgroundResearch at York takes place in every discipline and spans the spectrum of programs from the pure and applied sciences to business, law, fine arts, the humanities and social sciences. York has renowned research strength in areas such as space science, vision science, aboriginal and indigenous studies, history and psychology. Home to 24 research centres, our commitment to taking focused risks and our passion for innovation stakes a claim to a future that touches almost every facet of complex world issues.

York's key thematic research areas

Our interdisciplinary research focus enables our researchers to draw on their established expertise and push beyond traditional research methods to respond to issues and challenges that shape our world. Engaging the best researchers across a diversity of disciplines, York is confronting challenges in a new way. Building on its strengths, York is branching out with a bold and strategic research plan in four thematic research areas:

  1. Culture Entertainment research
  2. Health research
  3. International Studies research
  4. Sustainability research

Research Centres

Find out more at www.research.yorku.ca